Issue 2


“Issue two is all about love: From self love to finding love in other fat bodies, we wanted to counter some of the darkness of issue one’s theme of self isolation with a brightness and desire that is often lacking in fat media.

Featuring interviews with Riot Grrl zine Fat!So?’s founder Marilyn Wann and TikTok’s dancing Steven McKell, as well as essays, poetry, short stories, photography, and art, the zine is full to the brim with power and admiration for and by our community.

Included is also a fat liberation timeline mini zine that tracks activism back to the 60’s and postcards with imagery provided by Laura Du Ve. We are also proud to announce this issue includes the announcement of La’Shaunae Steward as our music editor! It’s been a pleasure creating it and we hope to inspire more love for fat people and the people who celebrate us.”

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